Commercial Projects

A collection of projects I worked on as an animator

Andrea Vinciguerra

Wet Fish

Working as an animator alongside a small team, we created a teaser for an animated TV series created by, and to be pitched for a future TV series by Andrea. My role consisted of largely being trusted with character animation and the acting of these characters in this world as well as being given the opportunity to animate the ident for the show. 


Jocie Juritz

The Torture Letters – Laurence Ralph

Working alongside Director Jocie Juritz I was tasked with both clean up and animation responsibilities, using Jocies direction I created a selection of the shots used within the film.

Created for the New York Times

This film was a collaboration with Laurence Ralph, author and professor of Anthropology at Princeton. An animated accompaniment to four open letters from his powerful and illuminating book ‘The Torture Letters – Reckoning With Police Violence’.

Jack Brown

Tidal Wave  - Tom Misch Music Video

Working as part of a small team I played the role of Clean Up Artist/ Animator working on character animation led and directed by Jack Brown for Tom Misch's music video Tidal Wave

Alex Grigg

Innocent Smoothie Ad (Blink Ink)

Working alongside a team of animators I was tasked with both clean up work and background character animation, largely working with dancing crowd shots throughout

Studio Desk Animation

V&A Museum (V&A Innovation)

Working as an animator on the project I was given the chance to work with Studio Desk on their 3 part series for the V&A innovation programme. Animating across all 3 videos the projects told the stories of inventors who specifically created objects to both reuse and adapt from their natural surroundings.
The 3 shorts can be found over on Studio Desks Vimeo page


Future Power Station

Generali Ad

Working as the 2D animator on this project I was in charge of animating the flying paper on top of the live action parts of the Ad.